Sunday, January 23, 2011

Child Nudisum

I received a email for free prescription of their nudist magazine. When I opened it it was advertising miss jnr teen pageants. As far as I am aware in Australia any nude pics under 18 are illegal. I am new to nudism and still learning whats what, I was wanting to know whether I should report this site or not.

- I think if a site has pictures or videos with naked children for sale, you should denounce it. They are making profits with it.

- The legalities of this have been answered more professionally already ! But with the Age of Consent at 16 years of Age - guess that gives some rational guidance.
Kids are part of the future in everything - and if Kids at nudist venues offend you perhaps best to re-think your values or even becoming involved in social nudism at all ?????

- its not that we find it affencive,its with all the sick fucks in our world today what they do with thease images why only show young girls i think u knoy.I would like to think there not being used for such things,but wake up loser you know the market ,thats why u try to justify what you post .if you need to explain yourself , that alone tells me theres something suss.

- yes they are out there. Yes there are too many (one of them is too many). But...they were there in the past too, people just were not allowed to talk about it. However, the fact is that there were just as many (if not more) nasty perverts in the Victorian era than there are now. Why? The more sexually messed up a society is, the more it produces perverts, who equate nudity with sex, and sex with evil - and you wind up with a lot of religious people who are willing to offend against kids, because they see all sex as equally bad and the kids are less likely to tell on them. YES there are some offenders who are in a cycle of abuse and abusers...but oddly enough they are not the norm.

Quite a number of pedophile priests (I know I read this in a study) were of the opinion that ANY sex drive was a bad thing, so they could not offend any worse than they had...just by having sexual desires of ANY kind. These people put molesting kids on the same footing as consensual sex with another adult, because of the teachings they were subjected to from birth.

The problem is, without the separation of nudity from the idea of sex, and with the mystique/fetish that surrounds the nude human body in 'big 3' religions (and the societies controlled by them)...there are a lot of people out there who CAN be messed up.

- Child nudism as as much a part of life as adult nudism, normal nude pics are certainly not illegal.
What is illegal is any naked pic of an underage (depends on location) person, taken either posed in a blatantly sexual pose, or engaged in any form of sexual activity.
There is nothing sexual about natural nudity at any age!
Any consideration by an observer of normal nudity, that is of a sexual context, says more about the mind of the observer than the image being observed.

- i agree in some respect,if i see a naked body i dont think sex its the people who do ,and as we cant,read mindes we will never know. its the people with sick thoughts that make it grubby.So lets not have any of that on the net ,i will be happy when , aus bring in the tech to close such sites down,so then u know whats right and wrong. what the pen push belifes are are right fuck that

- The site youre probably looking at is either
Bebaretoo purenudism or russian bare

the pageant is legal since the video is an actual pageant and therefore not pornography

also this is Russia the laws are different
even if it were made in America
unless the camera men are zooming in and out at there vaginas or the makers advertise it as sexy nudist preteens or something its legal

I swear people are overprotective nowadays


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  1. It is legal as long as there is no sexual contact in the videos. Nudist resorts and websites are everywhere and are not considered Porngraphy. Just do a google search and you will see.


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